Question about financing
From: StephOder2 (
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 19:17:02 -0600

What a wonderful list. Please excuse me if you get this question all of the
time. I searched the archives, but for some reason could not access any posts
more recent than 1997. If you wish, point me in the right direction and I'll
search for it. Thanks!

Here's the question: I live in NC and a group of friends want to build (or buy
already built) a community (on a small scale) similar to a cohousing
community. We would not market to the public, as we already have a group
together. We are currently looking for some rental property, so that we can
experiance cohousing while it takes however long for the real thing to be
contructed. We are currently trying to decide on how we will finance and are
looking into grants to try and help us buy land. Are grants available if you
are not willing to open up to the public? Plenty of the members would qualify
for low income housing, but I wasn't clear if that mattered.

I would appreciate any leads on where to start with this. I have a cohousing
book, but it doesn't go into depth on CREATIVE financing :-).

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