Re: Construction Loan Financing (fwd)
From: Philip W. Bush (Philip.W.BushDartmouth.EDU)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 08:14:27 -0600
---Gilda wrote (to coho list):
Dear Friends:  I would like to hear from all those cohousing communities
who obtained construction loans from banking institutions   <SNIP>
--- end of quote ---

Great list of questions.  At Cobb Hill we're at the same stage you are, so no 
answers yet from here.   We have a meeting tomorrow with a bank here in Vermont 
that has a Socially Responsible Banking Fund, which we hope will look upon us 
I'll hitchhike on your query and add a question:  has anyone found that the 
project's legal form (coop, condo, limited liability corp., whatever) has been 
a deal breaker (or maker) from the bank's point of view?
I would love to see all the answers from others, so hope all will reply to the 

Phil Bush
Cobb Hill
Hartland Four Corners, VT

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