FW: Feedback Desired
From: Rion D'Luz (lanternsover.net)
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 11:20:26 -0600

Hello All:
        I became introduced to cohousing a couple of years ago, but confess to 
being remiss about following its progress online or in print.  I am a 
farmer and farm advocate in Vermont who is interested in using the 
cohousing model as a means of addressing two very important issues in this 
State.  One is preservation of working landscape and the other is 
transgeneration of farming.  Although I'm lead to understand that the 
strict definition of cohousing would limit any member's ability to generate 
revenue from the community - -

(Posted not long ago to this list
        From Katie McCamant with input from Chuck Durrett
"Inventors" of the word "cohousing"
  "6. The community is not a primary income source for residents: there is 
shared community economy (ala Twin Oaks): If the community also provides
residents with their primary income, this is a significant change to the
dynamic between neighbors and defines another level of community beyond the
scope of cohousing."

-- I also realize that many cohousing developments don't follow the 
definitions to the letter.

        I believe that creating a cohousing community on a large property that 
includes a farm family could be a mutually beneficial arrangement.  The 
community would have access to a large tract of land  with very low taxes. 
 Land use would be subject to the bylaws of the Corporation and the farm 
family would be stewards of the land.  I know that more than a few rural 
cohousing communities maintain an integral relationship with the land, but 
I think what I'm proposing is unique insofar as land use.
        My proposal can be found online at 
        Or just go to http://www.sover.net/~lantern/
And follow the "Friends of the Farm" links to cohousing

I'd be more than happy to hear that the proposal is too naive to be 
workable, or any other criticisms, insights, thoughts on the matter you 
gentlefolk may care to offer.
Sincerely Yours,

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