Re: CoHousing to Meet Needs of Disabled
From: RaynMom2 (
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 19:59:00 -0600
Susan, thanks for the info on Camphill.  I am aware of the organization and
have links to their website from mine.

Maren, thanks for the Gould Farm link - it looks & sounds wonderful.  It could
serve as a model even though it serves a different population.

S.Hamer - thanks for the info & offering to pass my email on to the family you
mentioned.  My snail mail address is on my website if they wish to contact me
that way.  

I appreciate the info & suggestions from all of you.  I think my biggest
obstacle is finding families willing to consider this lifestyle in the middle
of the ...ehm...Bible Belt.  The idea is just too communal for their
conservative views, I guess.  

from Oklahoma

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shamer_ [at] writes:

<< At Cambridge Cohousing we have one unit (out of 41) that is a 4 bedroom
 4 (only 3 so far) developmentally delayed adult males living in it. A
 couple, parents of one of the men, bought a unit for themselves, a unit for
 the developmentally disabled unit and a caretaker unit. (This is financed
 with a complicated condo within a condo system-I don't know the details) >>

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