Need HUD Publication
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 22:17:41 -0600
As a member of the Delray Beach cohousing project, I would like to find a
copy of the AIA article and the HUD book. Unfortunately I lost the email
address of the person who posted this message (see below). I tried searching
the online catalogues of HUD and the GPO, as well as No luck.
Can anyone help?

Sharon Villines
Synergy Cohousing, Delray Beach, FL

>  I came across an article in the February 1999 issue of AIArchitect 
>stating that the AIA is collecting resource information about 
>housing, including "new initiatives."  This article was accompanied 
>by two illustrations of cohousing communities (Ecovillage, at 
>Ithaca, and the Delray Beach community)
>  The article cites other resources that may be interesting/useful to 
>cohousers, including "articles...'The New Politics of Urban Sprawl,' 
>by Timothy Egan, _New York Times_, and 'Reinventing the 
>Lakefront,' by Blair Kamin, _Chicago Tribune_, and books such as 
>the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's new 
>_Building Innovation for Home Ownership._"  The HUD book was 
>actually the source for the two cohousing illustrations.
>  I take it as a positive sign to see that both HUD and the AIA are 
>presenting cohousing in such a light.
>Philip Proefrock

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