Re: recruiting (was Normative definitions of cohousing)
From: Diane Simpson (
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 22:20:28 -0600
Fred--why don't you do the "cohousing salon" thing at a local restaraunt?
Surely there must be some outgoing people in your group who'd be willing to
meet people at a local restaraunt once a month to talk about your cohousing
community. I haven't been doing it that long, but so far I've found it to
be a lot easier than giving presentations at libraries. If you have a local
food co-op or school, that's a good place to put up notices.


On March 1 Fred H. Olson wrote:

>Recruiting folks to move to the block (two houses available) to
>>participate has not happened tho one household did move to the block last
>>August and is participating. Recruiting is impeded by the "less
>desireable >part of town image" (which is only partly deserved) despite
>relatively >reasonable (tho increasing) housing prices (about $100K for 3
>bedroom, >~1300 sf house). Of course we could be doing more about
>recruiting tood

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