Re: Seeking to attract households with children
From: Elizabeth B. V. Urner (
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 22:24:18 -0600
We're struggling with this one right now. Almost by definition, folks with young
kids don't have the head space/time/money to put a lot of effort into getting a
cohousing group going, and groups that haven't had a lot of kid families
involved early on often aren't really appealing to families, since the emphasis
hasn't been on things like affordability, designed-in playspace, etc.

A mjor vision statement goal for us was to be child-oriented, and to make the
necessary tradeoffs (mostly financial) to keep that a reality.  But it's hard,
and one kid household has already had to back off because of financial
concerns.  I too would welcome input on this,
esp. from groups which FORMED with this as an explicit goal. In particular, how
do you deal with the meetings-three-nights a week problem?  providing child care
is only a partial answer.  Sooner or later, they need YOU, which is why you
wanted to live in cohousing in the first place...

Libby Urner
Arcadia Farm Cohousing
libby.urner [at]

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