Re: Guns
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 16:50:16 -0600
Guns have never been an issue at RoseWind (yet?). We did include it in 
our CC&Rs, and this is the language we used, in case this is helpful to 
another group in looking at options:

a) The use of firearms on the Common Areas is strictly prohibited.
b) Firearms are not allowed in any of the common facilities or on common 
land, except as needed for direct transfer of a legal firearm from home 
to vehicle and back.

This does not address the issue that could come up in a community with a 
number of young children, where a child could encounter a gun at a 
friend's house. Nor the insecurity a person could feel if another 
resident had a gun and was perceived as a "loose cannon" , not always in 
control of themselves (substance abuse, mental instability, history of 
violence) , or who espouses violence as a problem solver. Or if there was 
anyone else around who was perceived as a potential danger, and who could 
get access to the gun. 

Hmm-- maybe we should beef up that language, while it's not an issue.....
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