Re: Consensus
From: Randi Baird (
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 12:46:13 -0600

Our group at Island Cohousing, LLC. in Massachusetts utilizes consensus for
all decision making with a fall-back 75% vote.   We define consensus as
unanimity of individual members.  If unanimity can't be reached during two
consecutive meetings separated by 24 hours the issue then requires an
affirmative 75% vote of the member households.   Each household (owner
occupied) is afforded one vote regardless of the household's size and it's
up to each household to determine how they will vote, other wise they must
abstain from the vote.   Renters and assoicated members can be involved in
discussions but can't block consensus or vote. In our experience consensus
has provided our group with the ability to work through issues no matter
how large or small, important or insignificant, without ever having to
fall-back to a vote in 3 years.

Philippe Jordi, Island Cohousing

Randi Baird
email: dune [at]

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