Re: home schooling
From: Jennifer S. Stevens (
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 15:15:31 -0600

On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Virginia Moreland wrote:

> Incidentally, home-schooling families are NOT always right-wing
> conservative fundamentalists and the like. At least here in the Southeast,
> they are often highly educated, progressive, liberal folks who just are not
> satisfied with the education they can get for their kids in the public
> schools. The same goes for the parents of kids in the independent schools
> that I mentioned in my earlier note. 

I'd like to second this. My husband and his sister were homeschooled for
several years out in the boonies of southern Utah, and their parents were
certainly not conservative. His father and stepmother are now sending
their kids to a Waldorf school. While I don't know if I would do that
myself (money is a big factor), I respect their decision, and the kids
seem quite happy and well adjusted.

Personally, I'm dubious as to how much socialization public schools (or
schools at all) are good for. On one hand, there is brutal reality (ie
society at large). On the
other hand, adults have a fair amount of how much or which sorts of brutal
reality they wish to endure. I hated middle school, and barely tolerated
high school. Several of my friends feel the same way; we didn't find
people that were on our wavelength until college and graduate school.
Maybe some of that is also just the maturation process. But I think there
could be much worse things than for kids to become socialized through a
co-housing community that includes people of all ages..

jen stevens

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