RE: home schooling
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 09:12:04 -0600
Both my kids are homeschooled, both have lived most their lives in
Cohousing. Pretty much everybody that meets them is pretty impressed with
them, but then again, I am hardly unbias about them. The words Rob Sandelin
and Right-wing have never been used in the same sentence as far as I know :)

There are 5 home schooled kids out of 12 school aged kids in our
neighborhood. I think. Its hard to count the kids around here, they move so
fast......We may have more than 12 school aged kids.

If you want to hear all the issues about home school, email me privately,
its not really an appropriate topic for this list unless its being hooked
into cohousing.

Cohousing is a fantastic place to homeschool kids, lots a great resources.
The local homeschool coop uses our commonhouse for art coop. Its been a
great way to integrate us into some of the wider community.

Rob Sandelin
Northwest Intentional Communties Association
Building a better society, one neighborhood at a time

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