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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 07:03:13 -0600

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Philip.W.Bush [at] Dartmouth.EDU said:
> Our systems engineers have asked for information about other cohousing
> communities' water use.  Do any of you have data on water consumption?

It would be really helpful if you could post to the list a summary of any 
information you receive on this topic. This is a topic I'd appreciate data on.

Ewan Klein

Following are a response from the list inquiry and another received 

At Lake Claire Cohousing in Atlanta we use roughly 62 hundred cubic feet or
46,400 gals per month.  This includes all units, common house and outdoor
watering.  (It's all on one meter.)  We have 12 units with about 30 people
in residence at any one time.  The units were built with the standard
water-saving faucets and toilets required by code.  Otherwise, I can't
think of any water-conserving measures we have taken.  We have been
watering outdoors fairly extensively because we have new landscaping and
droughty periods in the (hot) summer.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need any more details.

Shari Fradenburgh
Lake Claire Cohousing, Atlanta
>From Bruce Coldham at Pine St Coho in Amherst, MA:
Note - includes exterior use, including watering of a substantial garden.  I 
believe the six units represent 16 BRs total.  Daily avg is 41 gal/BR.


Here's what I know so far.

I spoke with the official in Town who processes the water billings and we
looked at Pine Street Cohousing's water consumption together (without
regard to matching house and water meter serial numbers). Generally
speaking, she was surprised to know that there were four people in some
units because (she said) the water consumption would indicate only two
people in residence ... everyone here lives a full year... no substantial
time away.  In Amherst the average household consumption is apparently
around 100,000 gals per annum.... which is lower than the the national
average by 15 to 20 %  (according to Pat's averages... I have not gone back
to my data from my MED days).  We are using between 45,000 and 60,000 gals
per year .... with Arthur using about 15,000. (He is a single parent in the
very small unit in the middle).  The atheo very small unit (Marcy) uses
around 45,000 to 50,000 but she also uses twice the electricity that Arthur

Here's the tabulation

UNIT            1997            1998
Kastor(2)       45,600          45,600
Sax(4)          58,300          48,600
Sala(2+garden)  -               53,100
Tuttle(2)       14,000          12,000
"Margolin"      33,000          27,600
Cohen (3±)      45,600          50,900 .. plus other half of garden

Hope this helps


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