Re: Guest Rooms
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 14:16:07 -0600
Re Guest Rooms:

We didn't build them (rehab situation) but I know that members appreciate
having them a lot!

<< - Are they a useful addition to the CH? Yes, for us
As someone said, I suspect use is uneven, but we don't keep track.  Use is free
to family and friends of members, we ask for a donation for the occasional
others who come via the cohousing network.  We have a policy, I don't remember
details, including that the hosts should be present. 

Some of us use them ourselves to make room for our visiting family members. 
One member said she loved having guests but not on top of her.  For us, they
add to the community.  A friend of mine has contributed a lot of expertise when
he was here.

Sometimes they get used a lot, sometimes not - lots of variation.  If there are 
conflicts (very rare) we make adjustments, and people use spare rooms in
members' homes, (there are a few possibilities).
<< - What ratio of guest rooms to size of community?
One medium (double bed) and one small (single bed) room, for 15 households.
 - Do they have other uses? >>

We've used one as a massage room for a while, and sometimes they serve as
storage during a rehab project.

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