Re: Guests and Strangers
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 11:39:56 -0600
This is a good discussion to have.

I think, as (i think Rob said) its a question of balance.  It is certainly
understandable that at times we can't face being "on". We are a bit off the
beaten track, I think, so maybe haven't been quite as deluged.  But I know I
have certainly had times when I was so.o.o.o glad someone else was willing to
do the tour, etc. 

Marty said:
<<<<It is a lot of work to coordinate tours long after you are built. As a
group, you really get no advantage for it other than perhaps some future
buyers of resold units.>>
Ah, but in most cases the advantage came before!!  Many of us at TAW have
hungrily toured every coho community within driving distance (and a few
farther), in our insatiable quest to know and experience all we could as we
planned our own experiment.  these tours were invaluable and at every turn we
were warmly welcomed - some even had their kids sleep elsewhere so we could
have a bed!!

It would be a great loss to the "movement" if these opportunties did not

I also think, just to bring self-interest into it, that if we are interested in
long term sustainability, and eager new members, we need to be open to some
degree to the inquiries, visitors, etc.  And we need to take care of ourselves


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