From: ScottCoho (
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 00:36:28 -0600
In May-July, we will be moving into our new homes at Two Acre Wood (north of
San Francisco).  At the same time, we will be installing the landscape in the
common areas.  This will include a lawn area, vegetable gardens, fruit trees,
and ornamental landscaping.  I would appreciate any comments from other coho
communities on the following issues:
1) organized maintenance of common landscape areas
2) restrictions on front yards (plants, design, uses)
3) restrictions on backyards (plant height, trees, maintenance)
4) dogs and pets in the landscape

After move-in, did your group have any unexpected issues regarding the
landscape or gardens?

Thanks for your help.
Scott Sauer
Two Acre Wood (14 townhouses and 50 trees on 2 acres)
Sebastopol CA

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