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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 09:44:06 -0600
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<< After move-in, did your group have any unexpected issues regarding the
 landscape or gardens? >>

At Tierra Nueva, central CA coast, the unexpected issue was and still is, the
overwhelming gut wrenching sheer force labor required to do the work of
landscaping.  It has been touted in cohousing circles as the way to "save
money" by using sweat labor of the membership.  It is SO much work to do the
infrastructure of trenching and pipework for the irrigation system, then there
is the final grading, mulching, juting hillsides for erosion control, plant
procuring, unloading, transporting around the site, and only then, planting,
and finally, installing driplines.  Much of this labor needs skilled
personnel, and at very least, strong backs and muscles.  No one in our 27
member group (50% seniors) (except for the landscape committee of 3)  was
prepared for the exertion and the "burden" of the expectation to work what
feels like every weekend, forever it seems, when everyone is already burned
out from the rigors of moving in. 

What would I do differently?  Bid it out.  The design, the installation of
irrigation systems, the erosion control and the heavy lifting.  Maybe, even
the planting.  Let the professionals do the job.  There will be enough work to
do maintaining the landscaping once the plants are in.   

All of the work I described above dealt with common landscaping, not
individual yards, so after we did the sweat work for the community, we still
have our own yards to attend to.  So much work. 

As far as any "rules" for individual yards, there are none.  Plant whatever
you wish, water and maintain it; it is on your property.  We are planting a
community garden, and the burning souls will be very involved, and others will
appreciate from a distance. 

Patty Mara Gourley
who is packing up the VW camper for a long weekend of camping at Montana de
Oro with many of our community members, to celebrate my 50th birthday.
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