Low-cost cohousing? Anyone heard of DeGeorge
From: fertilezone (fertilezoneebox.oo.net)
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 15:02:37 -0500
A previous discussion explored how to minimize association fees 
or accommodate below median cost units, with new co-housing 
projects, by cutting common house construction, work shops, and 
other commons, (ie) no swimming pool issue.  

Or, if the project was developer contracted, another suggestion 
encouraged the member(s) with below average means to seek 
different loan sources in hopes of qualifying closer to the median 
unit cost.   

I just saw the DeGeorge home construction infomercial hosted by 
Robert Uric, TV personality who plays the captain of the new Love 
Boat series.   

It seems this DeGeorge company serves a remote role as both 
general contractor and loan agency.  They claim to build homes, 
from the ground up, for people with annual incomes starting at US 
$30,000.  They interviewed several owners claiming dramatic cost 
savings per square foot, or lower overall costs compared to the 
market rate of finished homes.

Some internet discussions remarked that interest rates charged by 
DeGeorge may be too high during the construction process.   

Has anyone heard of DeGeorge before, or found any news / 
magazine article, or checked with any consumer reports or the 
Better Business borough.


Roger R.

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