shared ownership of capital
From: Don Roper (ropercsf.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 01:20:58 -0600
Starting May 7, CSF is pleased to announce a very interesting seminar
about the possibilities of broadening the ownership in capital as a
means of addressing wealth inequalities.  The online discussion is with 
                         Jeffrey Gates
author of            The Ownership Solution:
              Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century

The seminar includes the searchable web site
plus a moderated listserv or forum to which the public is invited
to participate in conversation with the author.  There is no charge.

The seminar with Jeff Gates will last for six days:
    Friday, May 7, 1999 until noon, Thursday, May 13th.
The seminar is open for subscriptions NOW but no mail will be
distributed until May 7.  See below for subscription information.

Endorsements from many rave reviews (found at the web site) include
>This book focuses on the central issues that have to be addressed if the
>21st century is to transcend the simplistic dilemma of capitalism versus
>socialism and create a new, sustainable civilization.
>-- Mikhail Gorbachev

>A book full of original and stimulating ideas to which those who
>want to keep up with the times should expose themselves.
>-- Prof. Franco Modigliani, MIT, 
>1985 Recipient of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science <p>

>Jeff Gates has literally written the book on how to reverse
>centuries of capital concentration and economic polarization.  If we are to
>have any chance of creating just and stable societies, the answer will hew
>closely to the pragmatism, intelligence and creativity offered here.
>-- Paul Hawken, author, The Ecology of Commerce

>In the book  The Ownership Solution  I found an original and promising
>proposal for the implementation of an appropriate ethic for capitalism
>in the next millennium.
>-- Oscar Arias, 1987 Nobel Peace Laureate; former President of Costa Rica

>An ingenious and compelling look at the power inherent in widespread
>personal ownership.  Engrossing, insightful and persuasive.
>-- Gerald Greenwald, Chairman and CEO, United Airlines

More material about Jeff Gates, his book and his views are found at

To participate in the moderated version of the seminar or to listen,
please send the request
      subscribe  sustainable-economics  Yourfirstname Yourlastname
To:  LISTSERV [at]

The seminar is open for subscriptions now but no mail will be 
distributed until Friday, May 7.

CSF protects your email address by not sharing mailing lists
with any other parties.

If you wish to participate in an UN-moderated version of the seminar,
SE-Cafe, rather than the moderated version, please send the request
      subscribe SE-cafe Yourfirstname Yourlastname
To:  LISTSERV [at]

You may purchase a copy of the book via the website

This seminar is co-sponsored by 
  The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome
and   Communications for a Sustainable Future

If you have questions about the seminar, please write

             SE-Facilitators [at]

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