Re: misuse of cohousing-l list -- Fred's take
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:10:05 -0500
On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, M Donovan wrote:
> No matter how well-intentioned I hope we can keep this
> list spam-free.

One of the things that makes managing this list pleasant is how
subscribers respectfully respond to the few inappropriate messages that do
get posted before I get to it!  (Tho I dont want to encourage such
responses because they are also off-topic (not about cohousing))

Below is a portion of my repsonse to Steph.  But first a note of
reconcilliation. We all make mistakes;  I sure make my share.  So please
dont take comments too personally but take their message of promoting the
common good to heart. 

Tho I try hard to keep the noise down on cohousing-L, I also encourage
people to learn to efficiently skim and delete the "noise" that does make
it into your mail box.

--------- FRED's response to the petition post follows ------------
(PLEASE do not follow up over the list - personal messages welcome)
Off topic posts [ was: petition to label ...

Please be advised...

Your message posted to cohousing-L was inappropriate because it was not
about cohousing.  Tho it may be hard to appreciate, it is important
to keep the off topic messages to mailing lists to a minimum since
information overload is the biggest reason people unsubscribe.

Off topic posts tend to alienate people you are trying to influence.
Note the one response to the list already.

I do find it acceptable to have a few off topic lines at the end
after a posters name of a cohousing related message. Petitions
cna be mentioned by including the WWW address where petition info is

Fred cohousing-L list manager

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