Kitchen noise: A thanks to the list
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:07:32 -0500
Dear cohousing-l

A while ago, I posted a question about kitchen noise and whether we should
minimize the opening between the kitchen and the dining room. My concern
was that noise from the dish area, particularly the dishwasher itself,
would make the dining room too noisy. I was a member of a small minority
advocating a more closed kitchen area. There was an equally small minority
advocating an open kitchen area. The rest of the committee was indifferent,
except that the open kitchen would be cheaper (fewer walls, no door).

A number of people on this list wrote convincingly about the need to make
sure that the cooks and cleaning crew were not isolated in the kitchen.
People described their experience that kitchen noise is not nearly as much
of a problem as noise generated within the dining room itself. I withdrew
my support of a closed-off kitchen and advocated for an open kitchen
design, which eventually carried the day.

Now that the common house is built, I see very clearly that we made the
right decision. I don't even notice noise coming from the kitchen, even
when I'm sitting at one of the closer tables. It is easy to see and talk
with people in the kitchen. I think the kitchen is much more pleasant than
it would have been if we had limited the connection with the dining room to
a window-type opening. Thanks to everybody for helping us do the right thing!

- Pablo Halpern
New View Cohousing
Acton, MA, USA

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