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NOTE: Riverdale is a retrofit cohousing community, that is it is
being developed in an existing residential area.  See also:
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Newsflash from Riverdale Cohousing in Toronto, Ontario!  
That's in Canada, eh?

We just had a cohousing meeting here tonight. 17 adults in our living room
(and they all fit!) and kids outside playing.  We just moved in 2 weeks

We are adding a house to the community (not contiguous, but down the
block) next month and another couple is working with our group realtor to
try to buy the house 2 doors down.  They'll rent the 2nd floor to someone
else in the group. Everyone is psyched about the location and movement
we're taking.  Our basement will serve as common space for meetings and
meals for now - once we find a home for all of our boxes! 

When I look out the front window all I see is trees and the back looks
like a forest. It's hard to believe we're in the middle of the city!  We
are so happy with the location and are hopeful that the community will
soon be growing.  Our next door neighbours are lovely - 3 generations with
a boy just younger than Scotia who is 6.  I could see them wanting to be
part of this cohousing once we tell them what it's all about. There is no
fence between us and that's great.  They already said we could borrow
their lawn mower whenever we need one!  And the yard behind their's is
already connected with a little gate.  Today the kids from behind were
playing and running through the yards. It is already happening! 

Scott and I, former N Streeters, have been yearning and working to make
some thing happen since we moved here 4 years ago.  We've met up with many
other like-minded people and together we've taken the first big step
toward making this community a reality. 

We'll keep you posted on our community's progress. I've never lost faith
that the N Street model of cohousing is replicable.  We're soon going to
be living proof! 

Donna Spreitzer
Riverdale Cohousing Community

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