Join our Cohousing Community in Pleasant Hill, CA
From: Dancerbarb (
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 17:00:48 -0500
We have a site!
After several years of searching, we have a site under contract and are 
seeking others interested in joining us to create a 30-38 unit cohousing 
community in Pleasant Hill, CA.  Our 2.2 acre site is conveniently located 
near Highway 680 and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) with easy access to Walnut 
Creek, shopping, and recreation.  A walking and bike path-Iron Horse 
Trail-runs adjacent to the site and then winds through the county to San 
Ramon.  We are currently assessing the project's feasibility with the 
assistance of The CoHousing Company and plan to work with Jim Leach as our 

The City of Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill, population 31,000, is located 30 miles east of San Francisco.  
Mostly a residential community with scattered retail/commercial areas, it is 
bounded by the cities of Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord, and Martinez.  An 
abundance of good restaurants and shops are within easy driving distance.  
Pleasant Hill is also currently redeveloping its downtown to create a 
contemporary shopping district just blocks from the site.  The Diablo Valley 
Community College and the regional YMCA are located in Pleasant Hill.  The 
city has good recreation programs for all ages and regional walking/biking 
trails traverse it.  Briones Regional Park is just west of the city.

The Project
The CoHousing Company will work with future residents to determine the design 
of the community and the type and size of common facilities.  Possible common 
facilities are shared dining, children's play rooms, a sitting area, a 
workshop, guest rooms, laundry and perhaps a pool.  Preliminary price 
estimates for privately owned townhouses and a proportional share of the 
common facilities range from $150,000 - $300,000 for 700 to 1600 sf 
townhouses. Larger dwellings are possible if people are interested. 

Central Contra Costa E-Z Cohousing is a group of households that have been 
meeting for several years pursuing our vision of creating an 
intergenerational cohousing community in the area. In an extremely difficult 
real estate market, we are excited to finally have a real site.  After much 
searching on our own and working with four different realtors, we had a 
breakthrough after locating and signing a contract with a local land realtor 
who knows every vacant piece of land in the county.  Within two months we had 
a contract.

Come join us in creating a wonderful place to live.

To learn more about the Project
Call Ted and Barbara Lynch at (925) 256-1085 or email at DancerBarb [at]
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