Proforma help?
From: Cascadia Commons Cohousing (
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 16:01:06 -0500
Cascadia Commons in Portland, Oregon is making a critical reappraisal of our
cashflow proforma as we head into construction.  We are wanting to solidify
our assumptions regarding some facts of marketing.  Any help we can get from
the experience of completed groups with regard to the following questions
would be greatly appreciated.
        George Stone for Cascadia Commons, L.L.C. email:cccoho [at]

1.  How much did you spend overall, per unit, for marketing? 

2.  How much did you spend per unit for units unsold at the time
construction began.

3.  How close were you to being sold out at the close of construction?

4.  Did you sell any units through a real estate agent to whom you paid a
regular commission?

Thanks again,  gs

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