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With many hugs, kisses, toasts, and songs the core group of the =
Hundredfold Farm Project of Gettysburg, PA signed a joint venture =
agreement this past Friday, June 18th.  We have been meeting for just =
over a year and presently have ten families participating in the =
development of this 15 household rural cohousing community. =20
Our next big step will be the purchase of land.  We have made several
offers on a neglected 43 acre farm on the outskirts of Gettysburg, but =
the offers have been rejected by the owner.  We expect to come to an =
agreement with the owner within the next three to four weeks.  In the =
meantime we continue to investigate other properties.
This is a very exciting time for the group, with new families joining =
the adventure as the project continues to crystallize.  The signing of =
the joint venture agreement is a milestone that we do not take lightly.  =
We are greatly appreciative of Sheldon Bogos, John Cresto, and Robert =
Heaps of Heartbeat Cities Incorporated in Pittsburgh for their =
collective efforts in continuing to guide us around the many hazards =
inherent to cohousing development.

If you'd like to find out more about our project, we have a new website =
which is located at . Details =
regarding our project, such as vision statement, biographies, as well as =
our new joint venture agreement document and more can be found there.

Best to you all,

Bill Hartzell
The Hundredfold Farm Project - A Place To Grow.

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