PATH Grant Award to Takoma Village Cohousing
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 02:19:29 -0500
Hello all!

You may have heard some rumors about Takoma Village Cohousing being
chosen as a "demonstration project" for HUD's PATH program.  This
award means we can pay for expert help in choosing appropriate green
technologies for our community.  We're all VERY excited about this.

A short press release from Steven Winter Associates, the consulting
firm contracted by HUD to provide these services follows below.


Takoma Village Cohousing is now a PATH Demonstration Project!
Work Begins on Washington, DC?s 1st Cohousing Community

When completed in the Spring of 2000, Takoma Village will be more
than just the National Capitol Region?s first urban cohousing
project; it will also represent the Partnership for Advancing
Technology in Housing?s *first* foray into sustainable urban
development. At a time of increasing concern over suburban sprawl and
an overburdened highway system, the Takoma Village project, located
in Washington, DC?s upper Northwest sector, represents a renewed
commitment to affordable, energy efficient, environmentally conscious
urban development.

Groundbreaking for Takoma Village?s 22 townhouse-style buildings,
which will be divided into 43 one-, two-, three and four-bedroom
units, is set to take place in late summer with an anticipated
groundbreaking at the end of August.  Design development and material
selection efforts are currently underway, with a strong focus on
incorporating an optimum mix of PATH?s energy efficient, green
building materials and systems. Preliminary investigations have
identified geothermal heating and cooling (a system that relies on
the relatively constant temperature of the earth below the
frostline), low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and finishes,
and optimum value engineering (OVE), which seeks to reduce materials
usage without compromising strength and durability. Other
technologies being considered for inclusion are building-integrated
photovoltaics, solar domestic hot water systems, permeable pavement,
and renewable framing materials (engineered wood, steel, or
combinations thereof).

Nearly all of the cohousing community's 43 memberships have been
purchased by individuals and families who appreciate the many
advantages of an energy efficient, sustainable urban development. The
group has been meeting weekly, as does the design team, ensuring that
a wide range of ideas is surfaced, discussed, addressed, and brought
to the developer/architect, AHD, Inc. of Bethesda, Maryland. As
Takoma Village will soon prove, you don?t have to live out in the
country to enjoy the benefits of green building design and

To find out more about the Takoma Village Cohousing Project, visit
our website at:

To learn more about PATH:


Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Zabaldo [at]

"If you want to have good ideas, first have
lots of ideas, then some of them will be good."
               Linus Pauling

Takoma Village Cohousing is the Washington D.C.
area's first URBAN cohousing community. We're w/in
two households of being fully subscribed!  We expect to
have a healthy waiting list by groundbreaking in mid- Sept.
Email me for more details.  Or visit our
website at:

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