Quick definition of cohousing
From: Rich Lobdill (richardlsilcom.com)
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:07:14 -0500
Dear List:

The question was posed "Do you have a quick definition of cohousing".

I usually say "It's a bunch of people who get together to design and build 
their own neighborhood".

>From there you can tell if people are interested at all and then if they are, 
>are they the analytical type who are interested in buildings and 
>infrastructure or are they the spiritual type who are interested in how the 
>interpersonal relationships work. In either of the latter two cases I try to 
>quickly convey the fact that the houses are 'real' complete houses with 
>kitchens and bathrooms. This usually heads off the 'Oh, its a commune" pigeon 
>hole. Then I go from there.

Rich Lobdill
Tierra Nueva Cohousing
Oceano, CA

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