Media publicity as a sales tool
From: Fifomonday (
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 22:38:13 -0500
We have all wondered how best to promote a new cohousing community in the 
media in order to find residents and promote sales.  Without a doubt having a 
news worthy event, with visual appeal, helps!  
Liberty Village, in rural Frederick County, Maryland, recently sent out a few 
hundred copies of a press release to publicize delivery of our first two 
(modular) homes. Although no media attended the actual delivery, the 
Baltimore Sun published a short excerpt from the release and later sent a 
reporter and photographer to our site to interview some of us.  Yesterday the 
Baltimore Sun published a lengthy illustrated article about Liberty Village, 
including our phone number and website address. 

Today the Washington, DC, NBC TV station WRC (channel 4) picked up on the 
story, sent out a camera team, and gave us two minutes of favorable coverage 
on the 6 p.m. news tonight!

The Baltimore Sun article and pictures can be viewed at  
<A HREF="";>balt_sun article
</A> (which is just one page on our website  
<A HREF="";>liberty village</A> )

The full addresses of these two sites are -- for the article                 -- for everything.

We are really excited and encouraged by these developments.  Perhaps it is 
true what they say: Build it and they will come!

Michael Barrett -- Webmaster at
Liberty Village in Libertytown is Maryland's first cohousing community, where 
there are still lots available for sale and buyers get to customize their 
house size and select options. 
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