Pre-announcement: Neighborhood Communities Event in Seattle Oct 1,
From: Steve Habib Rose (
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 12:44:45 -0500
At the end of this email is a pre-announcement of an exciting event we are
hosting on October 1 at the Phinney Neighborhood Association in Seattle.  
Included will be a communities fair from 6-7 pm, with free tablespace for
related organizations and projects.  If you are anywhere close to Seattle, and
are interested in neighborhoods, communities, and/or voluntary simplicity, this
event is for you!

Any updates will be provided on the NeighborNets Network (formerly
Co-Neighborhoods Network) website at

If you can use one or more printed flyers about the event, please email me your
postal mail address.


Steve Habib Rose
Phone: (206) 721-0217
Email: habib [at]
ICQ: 7649155

                         Looking for connectedness?
                          Neighborhood Communities
                     Best of the Old, Best of the New!
                     Featuring a panel discussion with
           Cecile Andrews, Ed Medeiros, Janet Luhrs, Rob Sandelin
                      and moderator Jonathan Betz-Zall
                    Friday, October 1 1999, 6-9 pm FREE
                 Phinney Neighborhood Center Community Hall
                     Lower parking lot, brick building
                          6532 Phinney N, Seattle
      Exploring models for developing communities in neighborhoods and
                   restoring community to neighborhoods:
    alternative economies * barter networks * block watch * cohousing *
                             community councils
   community gardens * community gathering places * community suppported
    ecovillages * intentional communities * land trusts * neighbornets *
                         neighborhood associations
       neighborhood environmental projects * old fashioned neighborly
                         neighborhoods * p-patches
    "pods" of gardeners * salons * simplicity circles * urban villages *
                          y2k preparedness groups 
  6-7 pm Neighborhood Communities Fair
  7-8:30 pm Panel Discussion
          + Cecile Andrews is the founder of Simplicity Circles, a
            columnist for the Seattle Times, and the author of Circle of
            Simplicity: Return to the Good Life. For information on
            Simplicity Circles, see
          + Ed Medeiros is Executive Director of the Phinney Neighborhood
            Association (PNA). He is one of the founders of PNA, and has
            been with that organization for 20 years. For info on PNA,
          + Janet Luhrs is the author of The Simple Living Guide: A
            Sourcebook for Less Stressful, More Joyful Living, and the
            Y2K Preparation Guide: 110 Ways To Create A Sustainable Life
            -- Crisis Or Not. Janet is also editor and publisher of
            Simple Living, a quarterly journal devoted to simple,
            sustainable living. For info, call (206) 464-4800 or see
          + Rob Sandelin is on the board of the Northwest Intentional
            Communities Association (NICA), a member of the Sharingwood
            community, and a noted speaker on intentional communities and
            group processes such as consensus based decision making. For
            info on NICA and intentional communities, see
          + Moderator Jonathan Betz-Zall is president of the board of the
            Northwest Intentional Communities Association, a member of
            Bright Morning Star community, and captain of his
            neighborhood block watch.
  8:30 - 9 pm Break into groups by region
                              Co-sponsored by:
     NeighborNets Network | Northwest Intentional Communities Association
                      Phinney Neighborhood Association
                Seeds Of Simplicity | Simple Living Network
   For more information, contact Steve Habib Rose at habib [at]
                              or 206-721-0217.
     Return to the NeighborNets Network at

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