Request for assistance
From: Paul Weber (
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 19:07:13 -0500
Hi Folks,

Paul Weber from Terra Firma co-housing in Ottawa here.

Some of you may recall that our community has been experiencing conflict
with some of our neighbours. While I can say we now have excellent relations
with the majority of our neighbours there remains a small group that are
determined to stop us from building a common house (motivated by fear of
declining property values, noise, parking problems, general fears about the
future).    These same neighbours have now obtained a lawyer and are
attempting to change the zoning in our area to prevent the construction of
any common facilities.  Mediation is no longer an option.  We may have to
argue for our community in front of a City committee at some point soon.

What I'm looking for now is:

- any documentation (web pages also) about urban co-housing (preferably in
already existing neighbourhoods)
- any info on zoning in other cities that relates to in-city co-housing
- anyone with the time, a short statement (a paragraph) about your community
(if it's urban and in an already existing neighbourhood) and how it works in
your neighbourhoods would also help
- anything that makes a positive case for urban co-housing, though to be
fair I'd like to hear about the problems of other urban-bases co-housing
communities as well, at least in regards to fitting into already existing

Any of the above would be much appreciated.

Paul Weber
for Terra Firma

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