Quebecers looking ffor Coho rental in Boston area
From: Diane Simpson (
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 07:22:58 -0500
I am forwarding this to the list in case anyone out there knows something I
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>Hi Diane,
>This is the "quebecer"...again! :)   We have some change!
> I have a contract that will last from one year to one year and a half
>so I decided to stay in Quebec for that time.  My husband will be going
>with our daughter and our son and myself will be visiting from time to
>So it turns out that we only need a 2 bedroom apartment. It would be
>great to find one in a cohousing project or close to some people that
>are interested in building one.  My husband won't have a car so it has
>to be easier to go to work with the commune system.  (he will be working
>at Copley station)  Can you help us?
>Thanks for taking the time to read us,

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