Re: Articles in World Watch magazine
From: Morrison, Robert (
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:18:09 -0500
  On 23-Jul-99, Graham Meltzer wrote:

>The piece by Ayres is an introduction to a much longer article titled 'Why
>Share?' by Gary Gardiner, a senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute.
>Part of the article is about cohousing.  It's a damned good article that
>draws connections between the dominant attributes of our 'society' -
>individualism, materialism, consumerism, obsession with privacy etc. - and
>its underlying social malaise and disfunction.  I commend the article and
>the journal itself to the folk on this listserve.  I'm sure it will be of
>interest to many cohousers, and those who like to archive articles about
>cohousing.  I believe World Watch [magazine] is available in good
newsagents near you -
>but I'm not sure.  Otherwise you can email wwpub [at] for 

  There is also a Web page for the World Watch Institute and magazine at Be careful not to put ".com" at the end; that points to
an entirely unrelated web page. There is a picture of the cover (very
dramatic image of houses isolated from each other on oversize stumps) and a
summary of the article. I don't think the full text of the article is
available for free on the Web page, so you may still need the email address
or a good newsstand.

Bob Morrison
Salem, NH

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