Aspen and Highline
From: allenbutcher (
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 16:45:36 -0500
Something to note concerning Rob's comments about a family possibly
leaving Aspen Cohousing due to its lack of community orientation, is that
the Aspen community was developer driven, rather than resident driven as
was Highline.  (Again, anyone with more information, or corrections,
about Aspen is encouraged to comment.)  This may indicate that how a
community is founded (developer vs. residents) could potentially be a
bigger factor in the degree of community orientation than the
socio-economic factors of the surrounding culture from which its
membership is derived.  (Perhaps others have already made this point?)

It was that issue of the surrounding culture's influence upon cohousing
communities, versus the community's influence upon the larger culture,
that began the thread concerning Highline.

Personally, I believe that the more we can learn about the factors
involved in the experiences of community at different cohousing sites,
the better we will all be able to build community where we are.  For this
reason I appreciate that Graham has information available, however dated,
and wonder if similar studies have been made and are available.  I'm not
aware of any, but then, have not yet visited the new cohousing Web site.


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