Re: Please Visit our NEW Cohousing Website
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 20:13:43 -0500
Susan -- thank you and all the others who labored to create this gorgeous
website for us.

Actually, it's not particularly nice.


I know the number of hours the website team spent weaving magic to get to this
point. (Don't I remember three of you sitting up most of the night working on
the website one time in CO after the board meeting?  Harmony Village was
it???)  It's been through many iterations and it's a long way from the lst cut
I saw last March -- which BTW I thought was wonderful.  Now this.  I'm so
humbled by the beautiful work you and others have done.

Thank you.

And thank you to the people before you who also labored to make the website a
useful tool for all of us interested in cohousing.  This beautiful website
stands on the shoulders of volunteers who earlier on saw a need, a tool and an
answer.  All of this was done and continues to be done as volunteers.  I
appreciate the work and dedication of the webmasters who predate this website.
It has all been a labor of love.

If any of you fellow cohousers out there are thinking -- "Gee what can I do to
support cohousing and help others who are interested in cohousing?"  the first
thing is:  become a member!  And now you can do that right on the new website!
And if your interest exceeds that then plan to come to the bi-annual conference
in Oct. in Amherst.  Details on that same fabulous website!

Here's the URL again:

Happy surfing!  Thank you everyone!  AZ

Susan LaBarre wrote:

> The new Cohousing Network site is up!!
> Enjoy the photos; please fill out the evaluation form
> and tell us what you think of our changes!!
> Depending on how you've got your browser set, you may have to hit your
> "reset/refresh button" in Netscape, Explorer or AOL to see the new versions
> of some of the pages that have been "cached" on your hard drive.
> We'll be updating ads and news over the next 24 hours.
> Susan LaBarre
> Webmaster
> The Cohousing Network

Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Zabaldo [at]

Takoma Village Cohousing is now a
*PATH Demonstration Project (Partnership for Advancing
Technology in Housing) for HUD.  We have received $35,000
from HUD for consulting fees to help us determine which
energy systems and green materials are appropriate for our


*first URBAN community in the mid-Atlantic
*Groundbreaking mid-Sept
*Ribbon cutting late March 2000
We expect to have a healthy waiting list by groundbreaking
Email me for more details.  Or visit our
website at:

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