Re: free website space?
From: Willie Schreurs (
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 22:58:01 -0600 (MDT)
Cheryl Charis-Graves wrote:
> Do any of you know where we could access a reasonable amount of free
> website space? We have a domain name, and a very old, outdated site on
> geocities, but we can't use our domain name there.

You could enter the terms "domain" "hosting" and "free" into your favourite
search engine to pull up any number of free or low-cost places to park your
domain name.

> Also, since I will be setting this up, do you all have opinions about
> the usefulness of a website to an already-established community? Do some
> of you use it for disseminating information to community members? Is it
> used for maintaining a community calendar, updating information, etc.?
> Posting minutes? If we go to the expense and trouble of setting it up,
> I'd like to know other communities have found it to be worthwhile.

I find the Greyrock Commons website quite useful on occasion; the
internally-accessible portion contains everything from meeting minutes and some
group reports to the video lending library list.  More useful on a daily basis
are email and the mailing lists: two major ones (one for community business and
one for general-interest chatting), and 10 or so more specialized ones.  The web
site, email, and lists are maintained on our own server, by the inestimable
Steve Bayless.  Most households have a address and access to the
internet via our LAN and a high proportion also use them, but important
information is also posted on the bulletin board (often it's a printout of the
email).  We did experiment with a calendar, but that never really flew.


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