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My name is Sheryl Sharpe, and I'm the Development Manager with the Indiana
Housing Finance Authority (IHFA). 

We are in the process of inviting speakers to our annual statewide
Affordable Housing Conference, which will be held September 28th and 29th
in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have the responsibility of obtaining 2 to 3
speakers to discuss cohousing, but I really don't know much about the
subject myself. 

I am hoping that you will pass this message along to someone at the
Cohousing Network that would be interested in speaking at our conference
or have ideas of others that would like to speak.  For speakers that
travel from outside of Indiana, we cover the cost of coach airfare, hotel,
meals, and conference registration.. 

Right now, the panel is pretty wide-open.  We've listed it in our
conference brochure as: 

"Cohousing in Indiana"
- What is Cohousing?
- Examples of Successful Developments
- Could it Work in Indiana?

Please feel free to respond via e-mail or call me at (317) 232-7777.

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