retrofit cohousing vs. co-nbhd
From: paul kilduff (
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:38:41 -0600 (MDT)

On Sunday, 15 August, 1999, I wrote
> >
> > Same here, except in our case it's coneighborhood vs. new
> > development/retrofit (the difference is between buying one house at at 
> > with possible rentals, and a comprehensive project, whether rehabbing
> > existing building(s) or building from the ground up).

I should never have used the phrase, "the difference is..."  I did not 
intend to instruct, only to clarify the way we framed the issue.  Our 
definition of retrofit as rehabbing is clearly WRONG, and I shall endeavor 
not to make the mistake again.  I especially apologize for muddying the 
water by misusing terms that Fred Olson and others have worked so hard to 
clarify.  Mea culpa!

Fred Olson wrote:
>Paul's clarification seemed to me to need clarification...
>I've been promoting the term "retrofit cohousing" for several years.  I
>think Kevin Wolf of N Street Cohousing was the first person I heard use
>the term.  See:
>I use it to mean retrofiting the social relations between
>people who live in close proximity in existing housing.  To form a
>cohousing community. "Close proximity" typically means adjacent /
>contiguous properties or potentially so (by an interveneing property
>joining).  While it may involve some changes, renovations, additions to
>the physical facilities, these are likely to be incremental and most
>structures are used basically unchanged.
Quite right, and, again, I apologize.  Thanks to others for their ideas, as 
well.   I especially like the idea of hanging out at a coffee house at a 
give time.  I think I know just the place.

Paul Kilduff

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