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Communities Magazine Call for Articles

Winter 1999 Issue Theme:
"Transition and Change in Community"

Article deadline:  August 25th, 1999
750 to 2500-3000 words (occasionaly can be longer).

        If you'd like to write for this issue, please contact editor Diana
Christian at communities [at] (or 828-863-4425) to describe your article
idea. Thank you!

        * What happens when a community undergoes gradual or sudden change?
        * How do communitarians cope with upheaval from within, or a major
outside event?
        * A major shift in leadership, governance, or economic structure? A
large turnover in membership, or the death of a founding member?
        * How does a community use rituals and celebration to mark
community-wide transitions and individual life passages?
        * And ? as we approach the change in millennium, how have
communities changed over the 20th century, and what will they be like in
the 21st?

Article content:  We're seeking articles that address one or more of the
above issues. Although we're looking for practical information, and brief
overview "how-to's," articles need not be all facts--it's best if they're
vivid and lively. And while we're definitely interested in "success
stories," we would also like to hear about the difficult times, the
failures (and why), and the challenges of dealing with conflict in
        We would particularly like to hear how you personally may have been
affected by your experiences. How have your opinions about conflict in
community been changed, validated, or surprised?  For example, "I used to
think such-and-such, but now I think such-and-such." How might your story
help others who are living in or interested in communities?

Our Contributors: We want to hear from anyone with a story to
tell--community members, founders, or seekers; writers or budding writers;
people with specialized knowledge; academic researchers. Write about your
community, or one you're familiar with, or about several, comparing &
        You don't have to be an experienced or polished writer, or ever
have been published before. If you simply have a story to tell, want to
hear from you!

        If this interests you, please contact us for more details:  Diana
Christian, editor, Communities, 290 McEntire Road, Tryon, North Carolina

* 828-863-4425  * communities [at]

Diana Christian, Editor, Communities Magazine
290 McEntire Road, Tryon, NC 28782
828-863-4425  <communities [at]>  or  <diana [at]>

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