Re: Clotheslines & Haning Out Clothes
From: Robert Wiener (
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 19:11:17 -0600 (MDT)
Re:  underwear on the line.

One may also discreetly hang the family underwear within the pillow cases to
ensure that no one may peep around the edges of your clothes line!

>From Katie at Two Echo Cohousing where we let it all hang out.

DHCano [at] wrote:

> In a message dated 99-08-21 11:42:19 EDT, sharonvillines [at] 
> writes:
> >area of extreme importance--underwear. Underwear must be hung on the
> >interior lines--those between the lines most visible to the neighbors. This
> >is one advantage of the new "cobweb" lines. No one will know what is on the
> >interior unless they are watching while one hangs the laundry.
> While we are sharing best practices and the fruit of generations of gradually
> accumulated wisdom:  those who wanted to completely foil their neighbors'
> curiosity about the nature/condition of the family underwear washed sheets
> first and hung them on the high-visibility lines.  Everything else could then
> be hung inside these protective curtains.  This also had the advantage that
> sheets blowing like sails in the breeze are esthetically pleasing in a way
> that few other laundry experiences can match.  The down side was that less
> breeze might reach the inner items.  Well brought up people considered the
> privacy and esthetic advantages to be worth this cost.  And neighbors who did
> not want to be confronted with the more fraught items of others' wash blessed
> them each time they glanced out their windows.
> Diane Cano

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