Re: Clotheslines & Haning Out Clothes -- flabbergasted in England
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Perhaps some people on this list may be able to help with a problem which
has much exercised us and left us most distressed.  We live in constant
fear of a guest taking an apopleptic fit from moral danger unless a
solution is realised. 

Despite the most diligent researches, we can find no domestic suppliers of
suitable vestments for piano legs, Messrs. Salem, Squeamish & Co. having
ceased trading in 1965 upon the much lamented closure of the Lord
Chamberlain's Office. 

In the interest of decency and public safety, we beseach you: come to our
aid with the name of an American manufacturer of piano-leg vestments. 
There must certainly be dozens.  

--- rjm 

Maria! La chiave! 

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