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A good composting toilet system to look at is Envirolet.  You can see
them online at and they can be purchased
direct online at

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> >
> > >    Does anyone have experience with composting toilets? I am
> > >in the reliability of esp. Sun-Mar and Clivus Multrum units.
> I'll jump in on this one.  Alchemy Farm Cohousing is on Cape Cod
where we
> have a very vulnerable water supply.  One of our group's more serious
> was not to contribute to the pollution of the ground water and, in
our deeds, are
> required to use waste treatment that is better than the existing
> (called Title V in the code).  So far, households have chosen to go
> composting toilet route.  (IMHO, it is better not to dirty the water
in the first
> place.)
> In the new houses in the community, we have both brands installed in
> different houses.  Both have good reputations in the area, as does
> Phoenix wasn't big  in the market around here when we installed these
> one to two years ago.  I can't tell you which models we are using off
the top
> of my head.
> There have been no problems with the Clivus multrums.  Excellent
> compost, no odors, easy maintenance.  The owners are into the whole
> idea and everyone is pretty happy.
> There have been some issues with the Sun-Mar.  I have to say that how
> Sun-Mar is being used is the biggest factor in the performance.  The
> household with the Sun-Mar has a one pint flush toilet (that is
> used) and doesn't turn the bins often enough.  Sun-Mar says this model
> can handle a one pint flush.  Unfortunately it doesn't really. 
Whether it
> is a problem in the overflow drain, clogging from added peat moss
> or improper maintenance doesn't really matter.  It has overflowed and
> it smells bad.  Sun-Mar reps are somewhat attentive to the problem,
but until
> the situation is resolved, it benefits no one.  Others mileage may
vary.  I'm
> not ready to write off the entire company, but they have work to do.
> I can suggest another person to speak with about composting toilets
and graywater:
> Tad Montgomery
> Consultant in Ecological Wastewater Treatment
> P.O. Box C-3
> Montague, MA  01351
> Phone: (413) 367-0068
> Email: tad [at]
> There's a quote that holds very true in this situation:
> A tablespoon full of wine in a barrel of sewage is a barrel of sewage.
> A tablespoon full of sewage in a barrel of wine is still a barrel of
> Karen Schwalbe
> Alchemy Farm Cohousing Community
> 233 Hatchville Road
> East Falmouth, MA  02536
> 508-564-4325

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