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I am in the Southside Park cohousing.  We had space identified in our
plans from the start for a clothesline areas.  When it came time to
install the clothesline, a group of people were horrified that we would
even consider having our laundry hanging out for everyone to see. 
Eventually it got put in and no one has really complained since.  It is a
round one, it is permanent and not retractable.  It is pretty visible
during the winter, but the rest of the year it is hidden by gardens.  It
gets a lot of use.  I would make sure that it is in the plan before you
move in.  That is one thing you should discuss early on.  Of course, my
experience living in cohousing for almost seven years has been that there
is no argument too trivial and no issue that can't be beaten into the
ground and then resurrected from the dead years later. 

>>> Arlene Hoffman <ahoffman [at]> 08/20/99 09:53PM >>>

Dear fellow cohousers,

Some time ago I wrote to suggest a community clothesline, and one of the
kind responders warned that it should be in the plans early, because some
people would have issues about it. Now we would like to consider the idea
at EcoVillage in Virginia, and we are wondering what those issues might be.
We also would value any hints about what kind of lines and layouts work
best. Do retractable lines work out well? How long can they be and how do
you support them in the middle?

Arlene Hoffman
Arlene Hoffman
ahoffman [at] 

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