Report from Two Acre Wood
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 12:18:47 -0600 (MDT)
Hello Friends,
I have been not reading coho-L for awhile, cuz I was 
busy.............MOVING!!  Yes!  I am now living in cohousing and thought I'd 
send a report.

We now have 9 of 14 houses occupied.  Two additional families are living 
onsite with others.  It appears that in a week's time or so, everyone will be 
moved in (except maybe one household where the husband is off bicycling in 

It has been quite chaotic, with most of us not knowing when we'd be able to 
move (certifs of occupancy), until a few days before and then scrambling to 
find movers, install phones, etc.  Most of us still have unpacked boxes 
about, but we are here and it's great!  

The Common House is not quite ready but it should be within a week or so.  
Meanwhile, we h ave been informally and spontaneously sharing meals as the 
spirit moves us.  We try to have a welcoming potluck as each family moves in. 
 Last Sunday, we moved the tables down from the woods to the plaza in front 
of the common house.  We brought table clothes and candles, the BBQ, etc. and 
had a grand meal at one long table in front of the Common house.  A smaller 
kid size table was set for the kids and some of the little ones brought out 
their own special colored dishes and play chairs and all.  It was great fun.  
One member had been joking that he wouldn't get in til October, so another 
member decided we should make it Halloween and many came in costume.  The 
kids had a ball parading around with wagons and bikes in a procession around 
our grand table.

Neighbors have been helping each other move, selling each other things they 
don't need (I got a lovely persian rug for my living room), and helping each 
other fix things and hang blinds and pictures.  The informal sharing of 
meals, wine on the front patio or coffee with a neighbor is just as I had 
hoped it would be.  And my dog Molly can't wait to get out in the morning to 
see who's there to play with!  (Which is especially comforting since she has 
cancer and I was not sure if she'd even make it here.)

At the City's requirement, we have landscaped the whole property with about 8 
weekends of work parties.  Even tho it was a big strain and a lot of work, I 
am really glad we had to do it in advance, cuz it's done!  and looks great.  
If left to  our own busy devices, who knows when it might have happened.

We are planning our official housewarming celebration at the end of 
September.  It is very hard to believe after 5 long years, that I really live 
in cohousing, but I do and it's great!

Marty Roberts
Two Acre Wood
Sebastopol, CA

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