Re: Expressing Anger through Words & Tone
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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 06:16:43 -0600 (MDT)
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<< assume that expressing anger means
 yelling. It is possible to express  anger effectively (for the angry person
 and the person at whom they are angry) by tensing the jaw and saying in a
 VERY low voice, "I'm really, really angry (or mad or furious) at you
 for....................!" It also helps to use terms like "disappointed, >>

Yes, and expressing anger openly through words and intonation would be an 
excellent example for children and other onlookers -- might almost be a 
community service!

I certainly thought so when I and my (then small) children all lived in 
community together years ago. 

Diane Cano
(at Ganas these days
which is seen as an intentional community, but which actually has several 
modes of participation, one of which resembles rental cohousing -- and where 
yesterday, without a conscious thought about 'how to do it', I voiced my 
anger at a fellow resident in low, tense, and highly descriptive words which 
fully expressed my feelings)
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