re: Docs to conference?
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:43:21 -0600 (MDT)
Susan LaBarre <susala [at]> wrote on 9/22/99 3:25 PM:

>If you send me your documents in MS Word (preferred) or
>Pagemaker format, I will publish them under the "community" section of the
>cohousing network's website.  If you have your documents formatted in
>WordPerfect, you should be able to save an "rtf" version which can easily
>be opened in MS Word.

Don't forget the universal standards! We shouldn't have to pay for (or 
steal) commercial software to do simple formatting and info exchange in:

- Plain text

The above formats have the advantage of being searchable, linkable, and 
readable on any platform whatsoever.

- PDF [not free for authoring tools, but universal free readers make it 
ideal for distributing formatted documents intended for printing]

The same suggestion applies for the original message bringing documents 
to the conference: if possible, bring source (original) files, not just 
printouts, so other people can share and modify and re-use rather than 
scan or re-create. The conference can provide a good base of material to 
get the library started.

Also, when you take pictures of your community, many processors now offer 
the option of scanning then and putting them on the net for at most a few 
$ extra... this is well worth it as a way to share with friends and other 
communities... and easier than scanning yourself (if you value your 
time). It makes it easier to share than to not!

Don't forget to take pictures of bulletin boards, meetings, group 
facilities, common resources... anything that can help provide "how-to" 
examples is useful.


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