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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 09:21:28 -0600 (MDT)
Its probably much easier to do rentals in the lot development model than in
the capital project model. At Sharingwood we have eight rental families now.
This means 8 of the 16 built homes have small to medium sized apartments in
them, usually in the basement, but a couple are over garages. This allows
renters to be a part of our community and also helps owners cover their
mortgage payments.

Rob Sandelin
Northwest Intentional Communties Association
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> I've got an unusual situation, perhaps, which will result in my
> renting out my
> unit (in Takoma Village, DC - occupancy probably in June).  I run bicycle
> tours, which take me away well over half the time, often in big
> chunks (like
> during the entire summer).  TVC is looking forward to having my
> one-bedroom
> unit available as a rental during these times.  So rentals are not at all
> out-of-the-question.
>       - Tom
> Denise Meier &/or Michael Jacob <dmmj [at]> wrote:
> I clearly remember one time, when we were in the depths of financing
> difficulties, price increases, construction uncertainties, and feeling
> exhausted by the process and worried that my family might lose our whole
> investment (OK, it was ONLY money, but it was a LOT of money), some
> interested person called me to ask if there were going to be any
> rentals, and when I said no, not immediately, anyway, got really huffy
> about home ownership and exclusiveness, etc, etc, etc. And I got huffy
> back, and said i couldn't see why anyone would go through what my
> husband and I were going through to get this damn thing built in order
> to own investment property and rent it out to someone else, and that the
> cost of building just our own units was so high that no one wanted to
> speculate extra cash in order to jointly provide some rental units.
> I wish it were otherwise, but with California land prices, and with the
> model we used (self-developed), it would be difficult to find someone
> willing to go through this in order to provide rental property for
> someone else...(can you tell i'm still burnt out and angry at how hard
> this turned out to be?)
> Denise Meier
> Two Acre Wood
> Sebastopol, CAlifornia
> PS By the way we are all in, finally, as of two weeks ago, and looking
> forward to a whopping housewarming party this saturday. (9/25) Anyone in
> the area is more than welcome to attend! 1-5 pm.
> Email me for directions.
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