From: Unnat (
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 03:10:44 -0600 (MDT)
Over the past 6 weeks our houses have been regularly broken into (smash
and grab), graffiti-ied, cars are targeted for cash, bikes stolen.  The
neighbourhood in general seems to be the target of relentless attention
by petty thieves; they seem to be quite young.  My daughter is
distressed and won't even sleep alone any more.  Police seem helpless;
they take a few details and go away again.

We've put up some security lighting - it may not scare off the burglars
but it helps us to know they're there.  Friday and Saturday nights are
stressful and sleepless.  We're holding an Open day in 2 weeks to get to
know the neighbours and build some community awareness.  I'm
facilitating a forum to discuss creative approaches and will invite
neighbours, Neighbourhood watch reps, Council, Community Police, Govt
reps, youth reps and any other stakeholders that I can.  There is
funding available for community initiatives.

I don't want to reinvent that poor old wheel so any experiences,
suggestions, comments and links are welcome (via the list if relevant or
direct to me).  Pinakarri's cohousing is part of a suburban
redevelopment in an area already notorious for its petty crime rate.  We
want to be pro-active, creative and send clear but positive messages.

Many thanks and warmest regards
Robyn Williams

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