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Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 10:38:30 -0600 (MDT)
In a message dated 10/8/99 4:16:44 PM, Lynn Nadeau writes:
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Well, I won't repeat it all again, but THANKS LYNN for that thorough report!  
(sorry about your disk!)  And thanks to everyone else that responded.  There 
are lots of good ideas here and "food" for thought.  Please don't stop if 
there are more who have different ideas.  I am compiling the responses in a 
separate document if anyone wants me to send it to them.  Just let me know.

It was interesting to note that the meal thing was not just a big happy 
picture for everyone.  We are finding here it is a little hard to get 
jump-started after all the work and stress of moving, etc.  And what to do 
about the little ones that love to run and scream all through the common 
house during the meal - they are so excited to be there and see each other - 
but I know of at least one person who is considering skipping common meals 
due to this.  So, all this is yet to be worked out - And yet when we have a 
meal it is great.  right now it is just totally volunteer when someone feels 
like cooking, but we are easing into a system I think.  Meanwhile, the little 
spontaneous meals with a neighbor are wonderful too - "I just made a pot of 
soup, want to join me and tell me what happened at the meeting I missed."  OR 
"Margaritas and home-made salsa on the patio tomorrow at 6!"

Thanks again and keep it coming!!
Marty Roberts
Two Acre Wood, Sebastopol, CA

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