Re: Quorums
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:47:58 -0600 (MDT)
Hi Cohousers-
This is a timely discussion for me.  While I was gone at the Natl Coho
Conference,  our group had difficulty getting a quorum to adopt the budget. 
And this has happened before. So there is a discussion scheduled for this week
to look at the whole issue.  My preference is to work with why people are
choosing not to come to our Board (Business) meetings, consider changes in
format, frequency, etc, but  I can also see dropping the quorum requirement

We have a number of meeting-aversive members, and as someone (I think it was
Don Lindeman) said at the conference, " we know that using a "stick" doesn't
work with adults *or* kids. (Currently our quorum is 51% of adult members, and
we rarely have both members of a couple at a meeting.)


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