Re design expertise or local architect
From: Leon DeKing (
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 08:07:50 -0600 (MDT)
Dear Lydia & Ray:

Greetings from Manzanita Village of Prescott, AZ <>.

Being neither a cohousing design expert nor an architect, but having worked
beside our architect (who,like me, is an aspiring MVP resident), the
cohousing expert consultants we have retained (note past tense), and the
cohousing experienced lawyer we still retain, I can just imagine the "fun"
that would have ensued if our architect had not been a cohousing enthusiast
from the get-go.

Thus my recommendations to you -- (1) Retain all three, that is, one or
more "cohousing design experts," a "cohousing receptive architect," and a
"cohousing experienced lawyer" and
(2) Choose an architect, with a child-rich family, who is committed to
living in the village she (or he) designs.

If your experience comes close to ours, your member team will:
A) "own" (take responsibility for) the project in all its dilmensions;
B) gain wisdom (become aware of what they don't know);
C) seek professional expertese when / where needed; and
D) exhibit talents even the members themselves didn't know they had.

Also predictable, methinks, is that you too will experience the wonder of
seeing new member talent walk in the door, seconds before you knew you
needed them.

Yours Aye,

Leon R. De King
MVP Member, who's on his way this morning to an MVP "lot stakes driving party."

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