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When this topic first started, I casually mentioned it at dinner with a
few people and out on the kids play area with a few others.  To a person,
the response was eeeww....  We have been living together in cohousing
since 1993.  We've raised each other's kids.  I think that we feel like
family, I think the concept of polyamory in an established cohousing
community violates the incest taboo.  Even my teens have no romantic
interest in the other teens who live here.  I think that they view each
other as siblings.  I think that this discussion is more likely to occur
among people who are contemplating cohousing or newly living in cohousing
than it is among people who are longstanding residents of cohousing
communities.  We are more likely to discuss the fact that, philosophy be
damned, we need garages.

Maryann Jones
Southside Park Cohousing

>>> Denise Meier &/or Michael Jacob <dmmj [at]> 10/19/99 12:11PM 
>>> >>>
Polyamory sure seems to get people riled up. I doubt that anyone on this
list would state that they wouldn't want to live in a community that
encouraged or tolerated same-sex couples, for instance. Yet an
essentially similar situation (intimate relationships between consenting
adults) really pushed some buttons here. I know we're getting off topic,
but I'm curious to know what is so scary about it, if it's someone else
doing it, and not asking you to...

Denise Meier
Two Acre Wood
Sebastopol, California

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